FIVE-FIFTEEN exists to . . 

  • promote AWARENESS of the human sex trafficking trade
  • encourage COMPASSION for the victims of human sex trafficking
  • offer means of ENGAGEMENT on their behalf
  • provide ADVOCACY for these victims


How? Simply by taking a STAND. Join with FIVE-FIFTEEN and let your LIGHT shine.

You will be made aware of the prayer needs of various organizations that are working with victims of human sex trafficking and will unite with them in advocacy and support by . . .

  1. Joining a worldwide network of advocates committed to 5-15 mins of prayer for justice and healing every day at 5:15 AM or PM.
  2. Promoting awareness of human sex trafficking by telling 5-15 people a month about this modern day evil.
  3. Giving $5 - 15 to monthly. Your donation will be used to support rescue and rehabilitation programs for human sex trafficking victims (we are not currently accepting donations).


COMING SOON . . . links and resources to equip you to advocate and pray for recovering women. We will also be announcing our partner organizations and posting their prayer needs. Please JOIN US by submitting your name and email below and visiting our Prayer page.


I want to take a stand on my knees with Five-Fifteen

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